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#6075 (From Spring Candy) // #5144 (From Topographies of Color)

Artist Mark Lovejoy manipulates printer inks, pigments, resins, oils, and waxes to create a luscious ephemeral panorama out of the painterly mediums. Employing the use of digital technologies and effects, Lovejoy subverts the traditional photographic medium by blending and abstracting original elements into a single, endlessly fascinating digital composition.

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The French artist Nastasja Duthois based in Lorient shows that embroidery and artistic intent can marry to perfection with superb creations, fruit of a long process to render the most successful, inviting them to discover among these son learned the outline silhouettes of passersby and animals via Fubiz


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 by arigato

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Misomber Nuan


Misomber Nuan

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